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dent & Scratch repairs

Dent & Scratch go big on frequency

February 22, 2019

Recognising the value and impact of a high-frequency campaign, Johannesburg panel beaters Dent & Scratch Repairs opted for a focused approach when partnering with Street Network towards the end of 2018.

The campaign ran on all nine bus shelters along Bram Fischer Drive, taking in the suburbs of Randburg, Blairgowrie, Ferndale, Linden, and Robindale.

In this way, Dent & Scratch leveraged the power of frequency and its impact on recall and engagement, with the campaign reaching approximately 430,000 people and delivering around 8.9 million impacts, thanks to an average frequency of 21. (ROAD2015/16/17C)

“Frequency drives online search, mobile engagement, and campaign recall from other media such as TV, and this can have a big impact on top and bottom funnel sales drives,” says Jonathan Everest, Head of Sales at Street Network. “You can reach more people more often, target the consumers most likely to be interested in your brand, drive consumer action, and optimise reach and frequency at a relatively low cost.”

Dent & Scratch Repairs has built a loyal following of customers in the broader Randburg area, offering a range of services, including bumper repairs, repair work to doors, fenders, bonnets and boots, polishing out of scratches, and hail damage removal, along with reupholstering.

This service offering was communicated on the bus shelters in question, with Dent & Scratch looking to engage with consumers who regularly use Bram Fischer Drive for their daily commute, or who live in the surrounding areas.

The thinking being that a customer looking for a panel beating, auto detailing and a vehicle sales service would be more likely to look for something relatively close to home, or with the convenience of being on one’s daily commute route.

“Bus shelters are positioned to catch the attention of consumers on their daily commute,” says Everest. “In this case, they were close to the point of purchase (Dent & Scratch) for those consumers looking for a conveniently-located panel beater, whilst also attracting high levels of brand awareness among consumers using Bram Fischer Drive every day.”

In this way, Street Network and its collection of bus shelters was able to assist Dent & Scratch in meeting two objectives: the almost-immediate driving of a purchasing decision for those with a pressing need for a panel beater nearby, and the raising of awareness of the Dent & Scratch Repairs brand.

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