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Egoli Gas Street Network Campaign

Egoli Gas Stretch their creative legs with Street Network

March 25, 2019

Egoli Gas, a market leader in natural gas to business and home, has partnered with Street Network to roll out an innovative and creative execution in key high-end locations in Johannesburg. In the process pushing the envelope in terms of street furniture advertising innovation.

The execution saw Egoli Gas unleash its creative juices on bus shelters across Johannesburg towards the latter part of 2018, covering the areas of Johannesburg Central, the business district of Sandton in the Northern Suburbs, and Florida on the West Rand.

This gave Egoli Gas an even geographic spread across Johannesburg, as it sought to raise awareness of its “Get Connected” campaign, which encourages consumers to switch to gas and reap the benefits it offers.

The creative execution took the form of bright orange piping ‘feeding’ into the bus shelter and into a mock boiler on top of the shelter, providing an excellent example of how Street Network is able to deliver creative ideas and elevate the engagement and impact the brands they work with are looking for.

“This was a solution that amplified and extended the reach of the ‘Get Connected’ campaign in a bold and creatively engaging manner,” says Jonathan Everest, Head of Sales at Street Network. “Hats off to Egoli Gas for joining Street Network in pushing the boundaries on this campaign, thinking out of the box, and producing something memorable that would have stayed in the minds of commuters and motorists for some time to come.”

Egoli Gas is a natural gas reticulator servicing more than 7,500 domestic, central water heating, hospitality and industrial businesses in the Johannesburg area, and it offers environmentally- friendly, safe, reliable and energy efficient natural gas.

For domestic use, Egoli Gas is located in many of the more established Johannesburg suburbs, but the pipeline extends even further for its commercial and industrial customers, making this campaign an opportunity to raise awareness of the Egoli Gas offering and convert more consumers to gas.

“Small format OOH is one of the most effective platforms driving engagement and influencing purchasing decisions,” says Everest, “whilst the broader Out of Home space allows for creatively impactful storytelling, which Egoli Gas clearly took advantage of here.”

The strategic site locations ensured that this creative campaign reached approximately 807,000 people, which equates to 10% of the estimated 8 million residents of the Johannesburg metro, while delivering around 7.4 million impacts. (ROAD2015/16/17C).

In addition to drawing large audience figures, ‘out-of-the-box’ creative has the ability to deliver higher engagement, driving search and brand recall, and it was the creative that differentiated this campaign, highlighting the fact that Out of Home provides for creative expression in a manner that other media formats are not able to match.

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