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Anticipating summer with Easylife Kitchens

June 23, 2017

Prestigious brand Easylife Kitchens, which has offered quality service to customers for 25 years, is bringing its stylish designs to affluent neighbourhoods across Johannesburg through its elegant bus shelter advertisements.

As upmarket areas boom across the metropolis boasting secure estates and luxurious homes, Easylife Kitchens targets developers and image-conscious consumers who are thinking of renovating, moving to a new home or perhaps even building a new home. With 32 showrooms nationwide, Easylife Kitchens keeps its ‘perfect precision, flawless function’ top of mind with this campaign, which focuses on the kitchen as the heart of a home, both timeless and boasting trends fresh from Europe. The simple yet stylish ads showcase Easylife Kitchens’ aesthetic while driving consumers to visit its showrooms to plan ahead for perfect summer meals.

Bus shelters are positioned to catch the attention of consumers on their daily journey, whether heading to work or returning home, or going shopping; they are therefore ideally positioned to deliver the brand’s clearly conveyed message to affluent passers-by who may be receptive to the classy lifestyle creative.