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Street Network boosts Cell C’s coverage

June 24, 2017

Urban dwellers are price-sensitive consumers, always on the lookout for the best deal when it comes to getting connected – something that Cell C wanted to tap into with its recent campaign consisting of multiple bus shelter ads along the Atlantic seaboard, targeting pedestrians, motorists and public transport commuters.

CellC Bus Shelter Cape Town

Ensuring that the brand is part of the consumer journey on a daily basis, Cell C highlighted its ability to offer super-fast data at affordable prices. The ‘sticky’ campaign – in terms of which consumers will repeatedly come across Cell C ads across this part of the city – cleverly reminds consumers that Cell C is ubiquitous and you’ll always be connected if you’re part of the Cell C family.

The beauty of bus shelters is their ability to reach a wide range of consumers across all economic strata. It’s difficult to ignore Cell C’s strong, vibrant creative and call to action, whether you’re a commuter or a motorist in the area – something the company is trading on.