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Billboards drive Uber home

March 23, 2017

A recent Uber campaign to ‘drive’ downloads of its app was visible in the vicinity of entertainment hotspots in Johannesburg and Pretoria. There is a higher demand for its services which provides a much needed alternative to getting home safely, particularly after a ‘big night out’. The ride hailing app encourages consumers to ‘ride’ rather than drive, while also highlighting the low cost of the service between central recreation destinations within the cities.

Uber selected strategically positioned billboards visible to the thousands of consumers who could benefit from making use of the services offered by utilising the app. The creative execution reflects relaxed and happy consumers which provided for heightened brand affinity with the consumer segment exposed to the messaging on the billboards.

The international trend of online and technology brands making use of Out-of-Home advertising is well documented. Within the South African context, this is not much different. Billboards cannot be skipped, switched off or blocked, and brands such as Uber are making effective use of the ability of the platform to drive brand awareness.