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Egoli Gas brings customers in from the cold

June 25, 2017

Positioning itself as an energy saver, Egoli Gas is increasing brand awareness during the winter months with its advertisements in areas linked to high-demand residential and retail space where Egoli Gas pipelines are to be found. In a bid to reach both individuals and businesses, the brand campaign is visible on both Outdoor Network billboards and Street Network bus shelters along familiar routes, aiming to reach motorists and users of public transport alike.

Most interested in highlighting its commitment to energy efficiency and affordability – it is known for environmentally-friendly, safe, reliable and energy-efficient natural gas – the well-established brand is looking to lure customers in from the cold with its starkly effective ads. It aims to drive demand for its product while generating brand awareness in new areas. Ever mindful of its role in creating a low-carbon, energy efficient lifestyle, Egoli Gas has opted for a lean, effective campaign that geographically targets consumers most likely to make use of this quality product. One of the key objectives of the campaign is to communicate the continuity of supply, and how this is beneficial to consumers.