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Jimmy’s Killer Bus Shelter Campaign

March 16, 2017

Way back in 1990, the first Jimmy’s Killer Prawns store was opened in Germiston, east of Johannesburg. Offering great fare and value for money, the brand soon grew and expanded into a national chain and beyond the borders of South Africa. In 2011, Jimmy’s Killer Fish & Chips was established, followed by Jimmy’s Killer Grills a year later, both targeted at the ‘take-away’ market than at sit-down diners.

Jimmy’s was able to rise above the clutter, and through its effective mix of offering, positioning and price, it has established itself as an ideal destination when those hunger pangs hit home. Recently, when one of the franchised outlets at the Beacon Isle Shopping Centre in Florida wanted to increase ‘feet through its doors’, it selected a Street Network Bus Shelter in close proximity to the shopping centre. Not unlike the brand, Bus Shelters offer high-impact, geographically targeted sites, all at very competitive advertising rates.

“This is the first time that Jimmy’s has advertised on Bus Shelters, and it was an ideal campaign because a single store within the group required a definitive result from its advertising activities. Bus Shelters are ideally located and highly visible to not only commuters, but motorists too, engaging the target consumer within the immediate geographic area for the brand and the store” comments Howard Lonstein, Marketing Manager at Outdoor Network.

Jimmy’s took advantage of the benefits available with Out-of-Home advertising, and Bus Shelters more specifically. They are an ideal format for businesses such as take-away outlets that require not only brand awareness within a specific geographic location, but that have the defining objective of driving sales within a specific outlet.

“The creative afforded the Jimmy’s outlet to advertise both Fish and Grill businesses on one platform, while highlighting the physical address and telephone number of the Florida outlet. This is a very suitable example of how single, stand-alone businesses can harness the power of outdoor advertising to their benefit,” concludes Lonstein.