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Street Network paints the town ‘yellow’ with Rawson

March 20, 2017

Rawson Property Group, South Africa’s 4th largest real estate brand, claims to have 1,000 neighbourhood experts across the country. This means that when you are looking to buy property, you are virtually assured of the fact that there’s a Rawson Neighbourhood Expert near you. It also means that there is one near or in the suburb or area you have your eye on as your next place of abode.

Realtors know all about position, and when the Rawson Sandton branch aimed to ensure continuous awareness for the Rawson brand, and more specifically the Sandton branch, they turned to an advertising medium that supported their requirement: Bus Shelters.

The branch – which services clients looking for an ideal place to call home in the Sandton and Morningside areas – selected strategically positioned Bus Shelters in order to drive general awareness of the brand amongst consumers within the community making use of roads in and around the respective areas. Bus Shelters are a canvas for creativity and in this case even more so. The Bus Shelters were painted ‘Rawson Yellow’ allowing the messaging to break through the clutter.

“When purchasing a home, position is always a critical driver in the decision-making process. When selecting an advertising outlet, brands consider where and when their messaging will be see in much the same way. Rawson selected from our extensive portfolio of strategically positioned Bus Shelters in order to ensure that the Sandton branch remained top of mind with prospective property buyers,” says Howard Lonstein, Marketing Manager at Outdoor Network.

Real Estate Agency branches, while having a national footprint through the group, are active at an individual level, and most often within a defined and limited geographical location. Bus Shelters are unmissable while driving since they are directly in the line of sight of motorists. Reaching these consumers on their daily commute – to work, shopping, school and the like – with a frequency that is unmatched by other forms of media is a major benefit of Bus Shelter advertising. Added to this is the benefit of the low cost of advertising on the medium. Like Real Estate, Bus Shelters are all about location, location, location.