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BIC Goes Back-To-School with Bus Shelters

February 21, 2017

As part of its back-to-school campaign for 2017, BIC recently highlighted its position as South Africa’s leading stationery brand by advertising on Outdoor Network bus shelters across greater Johannesburg. Bus Shelters provided the ideal environment for the brand to reach its target audience – purchase decision makers who make use of public transport.

Since school going youngsters make up a sizeable proportion of these commuters, the Bus Shelters also drove brand awareness and affinity through impactful creative which spoke directly to them.

Positioned in key suburban areas, close to schools, shopping and transit environments around the city, the brand took advantage of the geographic flexibility of bus shelter advertising to strategically target the desired consumer groups. The strong yellow brand identity and copy, coupled with visuals of school learners was key in ensuring effective visibility and message assimilation. The copy, which called out the brand proposition rather than ‘back-to-school’ further ensured that motorists, even those without school going children, would engage with the creative whether on their daily school run, commute to work or trip to shopping centres in the areas that the campaign targeted.

“The benefits afforded by bus shelters are numerous, but in terms of strategic and geographic positioning alone, the bus shelters delivered on BIC’s requirement to talk to their target market within the correct environment, in a way that was timeous and completely relevant,” says Howard Lonstein, Marketing Manager for Outdoor Network.

Since commuters and motorists for the most part take the same route to and from school, work and their favourite shopping centre, BIC furthermore ensured assimilation amongst their audience with high frequency.

“Bic has been part of South African shopping baskets for decades, similarly bus shelters have been a part of the country’s city landscape for decades. The size and footprint of our Bus Shelters have ensured that this legacy brand continues to be part of the consumer’s day to day life and daily environment,” concludes Lonstein.

Bus Shelters deliver impact and prominence with high frequency and are geographically flexible. To find out more about how Outdoor Network can enhance your brand, email or call (011)234-7861.

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